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Fictiocratic Operation no. 27C in Tallinn
Migrating Art Academies presents Fictiocratic Operation no. 27c, an experiment in bending social reality and challenging rituals and rhythms. From 27 December until 2 January, participants will collaborate in a yet-undetermined axis of behaviours and dismantlings, all located at the Ptarmigan project space in Tallinn, Estonia and situated around the ritual of the New Years holiday.

With disruptions programmed by Reality Research's Centre's Pekko Koskinen and Agnieszka Pokrywka and John W. Fail of Ptarmigan, the Fictiocratic Operation will explore social conventions, common utopias, and participatory experiments. This is likely the last large workshop at the Ptarmigan space, and space is limited and the deadline for applications is 24 November.

To apply, please fill out the online registration form. A limited amount of mobility support is available to participants.