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Center of Contemporary Art Pispala turns into a gallery without electricity
23rd March - 14th April: Exhibition by Ines Quêrido, Mari Paikkari and Tuomas Koskialho

Opening during the Earth Hour event 23rd March at 20.30-21.30

Center of Contemporary Art Pispala participates in the Earth Hour event by turning off its gallery space’s electricity for a month.

Earth Hour is a climate awareness event of global scale, which will take place on Saturday 23rd March at 20.30 – 21.30 local time. During this period, people across the globe express their concern for climate change by turning off all electric lights.

By its gesture Center of Contemporary Art Pispala hopes to challenge the art world, particularly the exhibition spaces to reflect on their roles in setting the norms on consumption in society and imagine new, radically low impact ways of producing and displaying art.

The mainstream of global contemporary art world seems to favor more and more boastful consumption of electricity and natural resources. Non-ecological massive art museum projects, the white box gallery aesthetics based on consumerist lifestyle and intensifying use of flat screens, data projectors, the latest Mac computers and other consumer electronics as part of exhibition spaces’ normal practice reflects the art world’s current values.

The refusal of the use of electricity is not only an ethical or ecological issue, but also – and perhaps above all – aesthetic one. Electric lighting and devices have an essential role in shaping artists' and their audience's way of understanding how to produce, display and experience art. Their role in creating an exhibition experience is so self-evident that it's seldom being questioned.

Center of Contemporary Art Pispala's gesture provides an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between the exhibition space and the lighting of its surroundings, study the rhythm of natural light, experiment with non-electric acoustic works or investigate the impact of electricity to the way audience experiences the art works displayed.

About the works displayed during the gallery without electricity:

Inês Querido: Building on a dream

Europe has some of the oldest and most acclaimed ecological communities in the world. Building on a dream is an ongoing project that aims to document a selection of European eco-communities that illustrate the variety and richness of the global movement. It is an insight into communities that have become a model of a low impact way of life: a worldwide phenomenon that responds to global problems through personal action.

Mari Paikkari: Chip, Space, Sound

Hundreds of ultra-thin ceramic chips hung from the ceiling of the gallery generate a sound when moved by the flow of the indoor air.

 Tuomas Koskialho: Diary Notes (January - March)

A photo diary depicts a person surviving a plumping renovation.


Ines Quêrido's Building on a dream is sponsored by KODAK

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